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Just had the most amazing workout. Handstands, press ups, gregoes, yoga tummy work and weights! 45 mins of core done! Woop!

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Body looking sharp

So glad I took a day off from working out too. SO glad. Body needed to rest AND I’m having an early night tonight, WOOP! So happy cuz baby is so damn tired! 

Also I’ve eaten carbs nearly every day this week in the form of bread. As of tomorrow, it’s no carbs, not even wholegrains, until May. I’ve still lost weight, but I don’t need carbs in my life right now. Aside from porridge, porridge is power, and when I cba to do a food shop I’ll eat porridge. Goal is 13 days and I’ll eat carbs, until then, no thank you. 

Working my upper body in the morning. Bell bar lifts, Ab rolls (where you roll the dumbbell forwards and back, whilst on your knees - really gets the abs!), plus some core yoga moves, and then I’ll go for a much needed jog. 

Bring on the fit body!

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Made that body work this morning and a bit tonight.

Upper body with is fun!

Let’s see how my body looks tomorrow morning.

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Me right now
Good morning babies

Me right now
Good morning babies

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This morning

…I enjoyed 15 minutes of yoga crossfit ab work plus 30 press ups.

Tonight I did 5 minutes of ab work with the boys followed by 20 press ups in my room.

Lifting weights and doing planks, gregoes and more ab work in the morning. 

Upper body work is fun!

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Week 3 commences this week

Fitness-wise because I’m giving my legs a much needed break, I’ve decided to focus on upper-body strength.

Press ups, handstands, bell bar lifting and weighted work is what I’m focusing on this week.

Tomorrow morning I’m doing an hour, which will include Sadie Nardini’s crossfit core, Amanda Russell’s 6 minute abs, 50 press ups, 50 gregoes, weight lifting and handstands.

Excited to show you all how I’ll look by the end of it.

Good night :-)

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4 week diet: week 2 hay!

Week 2 carb day is Toosday

Monday: rest my legs today
Breakfast: 1/2 a Banana, 1/2 an avocado, milk blended
Lunch: Boiled egg, raw kale, baked tomato
Dinner: same as brekkie plus 150g cottage cheese

Tuesday carb day!
50 Press ups, weights, handstands 10 times.
Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: Scrambled egg & kale & 4 slices of mini gf bread plus 200g greek yogurt.
Dinner: bagel, 2 slices of mini gf bread, a lot of sprouts & kale w chorizo butter
Dessert: half a banana, peanut butter yayy!!!!!

Breakfast: half a banana, milk, protein powda
Lunch: boiled egg, steamed kale, roast beetroot
Dinner: boiled egg steamed kale, roast beetroot

Breakfast: scramb egg, spinach, balsamic
Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs spinach, huge slice of rye brot & a bagel
Dinner: banana

20 min ab workout
Brekkie:125g Greek yogurt
Lunch: 1/2 poussin & salad
Dinner: 1/2 poussin & salad & a bagel

20 ab workout & press ups
Brekkie: banana & milk
Lunch: poached egg w chicken strips salad
Copious amounts of tea w honey
Snack: some roasted nuts, literally a handful.

Breakfast: banana blended with jersey milk
Ltr of water
Lunch: poached egg, salad
Ltr of water
Dinner: poached egg salad w 3 big slices of bread to soak up the yummy dressing
Walked 6 miles today.

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I can promise you we didn’t touch the dessert menu, but isn’t it pretty?
My lunch was the chicken (strips) salad, topped with a poached egg.

The egg was the best part. Poached exactly the way I like it and the yolk a bright, but deep orange.

It was a Burford egg, laid by Burford hens of course. I’m googling where I can find such bad boys, baby wants that ish for breakfast.

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Oh guys

This weekend has been amazing! Incredible food (but not excessive @ all), amazing company and I got a super workout in! Yes!

On Friday, before work, I found a new ‘crossfit core’ yoga sequence by @Sadienardini. She is fantastic and guys the workout had me discovering new stomach muscles!

It’s only a 20 minute sequence (perfect pre-work), but that’s all you need: 30 minutes or just under of intense, weighted work.

I’ll post it on here shortly. It can already feel the strength in my core and ooh it feels good!

I decided to repeat the core sequence Saturday morning and boy did those muscles make some noise! Not painful because I am rigorous about stretching, but damn!

It’s now Sunday morning. I’m going to do an hour of yoga at some point today, but right now, I need breakfast.

Happy Sunday babies.

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Never been that far
Exhausted doesn’t even describe

Never been that far
Exhausted doesn’t even describe

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